It’s a big project – but one that offers a big return for families who love their location and property, and don’t want to relocate.  It works well for older homes with good basic structure, but are in need of updating kitchens, bathrooms, electric and plumbing.

With a project of this size, it’s essential that you choose the right designer from the start.  One that not only has the experience and expertise to do a quality job, but also someone you’ll enjoy working with closely.  Someone who knows the importance of good communication and how to design to your specific home needs.


To be successful, a significant addition to the house must be competently designed, intelligently spec’d, expertly built and competitively priced.
A well-designed addition is one that seamlessly integrates into the home – both externally and internally. From the outside, the home should not look like it was added to. Rather, it should look organically whole.
From the inside, the floor plan and flow should be natural, sensible and uniform in style.
Your addition project should be properly designed, expertly built, sensibly spec’d and competitively priced. It should also be completed timely and be on budget.


Remodeling your home comes with many options – making it difficult to identify what you really want. Our experienced designer works with you to help narrow down the options for a solution that reflects your personal style and budget.

We can provide a variety of cabinet finishes and door styles allow the opportunity to mix and match with different counter top options, tile samples and beyond. We’ll show you room displays to help guide you and inform about installation options, material combinations, lighting solutions and more.