There are many reasons homeowners decide to add to their homes rather than relocate to a larger house; the neighborhood they live in, the school district, the commute to work or the view from the windows may all play a part in the decision.

Besides, moving means spending a lot of money on the real estate transaction (as opposed to on your home). It also means having to contend with finding what you are looking for in a market with limited inventory of affordable and attractive homes.


Perhaps it’s a workout room you crave, or an additional bedroom is needed. Maybe it’s a playroom to corral all the toys and provide a place for the kids to be creative.  Or you would like to entertain dinner guests with a new dining room.  The options are endless…

Whatever your home addition need, we can help you make it happen – from planning and design, all the way through to final inspection and clean-up.  With a combined 30+ years of home-building and industry experience, we have built a stellar reputation for our professionalism and workmanship. We strive to make not just your home addition a dream come true, but the entire process as well!


Adding, changing or remodeling 50 percent or more to your living space involves what remodeling contractors term, “whole house renovation”. It’s a big project – but one that offers a big return for families who love their location and property.  It works well for older homes with good basic structure, but are in need of updating kitchens, bathrooms, electric and plumbing.

With a project of this size, it’s essential that you choose the right contractor.  One that not only has the experience and expertise to do a quality job, but also someone you’ll enjoy working with closely.  We understand the importance of good communication and accommodation of family needs during the renovation process.